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Using ‘conventional’ methods to generate quality sales leads is getting more costly and time-intensive. But selling based on personal contact and relationship building through the internet is increasingly effective.

Sales Process Engineering generates new business directly through contact with key prospects in the markets you target. We use LinkedIn and other data sources to contact and build relationships with the decision-makers you want to meet. So they are ready to do business with you.

Our approach to each prospect is based on research to ensure their interests match your services and expertise. We then develop LinkedIn profiles, e-mail and other content to engage with prospects, based on our expereince of what works most effectively in social direct marketing.

The programme uses the power of LinkedIn to find and set up appointments with buyers and decision makers in targeted markets – so they are then ready to talk to you about your services.

We also nurture new relationships with prospects who may not be ready to buy immediately but have expressed interest.

Our services includes demand generation, pipeline management and outbound & inbound marketing. We help you build a highly effective process to generate a consistent flow of new enquiries, based on an understanding of how buyers make purchasing decisions.

Buyer Process

About Sales Process Engineering

Optimised sales & marketing strategy plan for lead generation
Aligned, transparent sales & marketing process
Automated ‘intelligent’ system of one-to-one contact
Scalable. Cost saving. Revenue maximisation.
Demand generation, pipeline management

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